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Education in Spain

Posted by admin on August 8, 2016
 Once you have decided to buy a property for sale in Marbella and relocate the family to southern Spain, the one remaining important question is which is the best school for your child’s educational needs?

There is an abundance of information available on education in Spain, so how do you really know which
Education in Spainsystem is the best for your child.  It is also not surprising the school you decide on will depend on a number of key variables:

  • Academic standards
  • Distance from your home
  • Your financial budget.

Enrolling into a Spanish School

The simplest option would be to enrol your child at the local Spanish State School.

This has two key advantages – your child will pick up the Spanish language with ease, however this is can be dependant on the age of your child. Moreover, Spanish State Schools are free of charge.

Therefore, if you are on a budget and cannot realistically afford any extra outgoings of 400€ to over a 1000€ per month for Private International education the truth of the matter is you really have no other alternative in their education in Spain, other than the state schools.

However, if you are in the position of being able to afford Private International schooling, then you clearly have a lot more options available.

Southern Spain, including Marbella, has a varied selection of Private International Schools, British Schools, German Schools, Swedish schools and a Finnish school. The fees though vary from school to school, but generally the International schools are not dissimilar in their fees.

In some schools if you have more than one child attending they offer a far better deal as they normally give discounts for additional children attending.  This is an important factor to consider when buying a property for sale in Marbella and relocating, it could perhaps help you in your final decision of what is the best educational route to take for your child.

Education in Spain, Useful contact:

National Association of British Schools in Spain –

The choice of School in Marbella will further depend if a British Education is a major priority and if in the future you’re hoping for your child to enter into a UK University. If this is the case then we recommend the English International Schools as they are realistically the best option.

However, if you want your child to be completely bilingual, then you could put your child directly into the Spanish system as you would have the English speaking at home, and then concentrate on English grammar in extra classes outside of school. Another key factor to consider with your child going to Spanish school is weather you are able to help with the Spanish homework and communicate with the school?

2 thoughts on “Education in Spain

  • on January 9, 2017

    My name is fereydoon. I, my wife and our two sons are planning to move to Marbella this summer. My elder son is 16 and the other one is 9.
    We would like the older one attend a private english school and the other attend the Spanish state school.
    Could you recommend some schools please.

    • admin
      on January 9, 2017

      Hi Fereydoon,
      You don’t say where you are originally from, so I can’t give you the right answer yet. However, if you look on this website, you can see many different schools for different nationalities including the Spanish state schools. I hope this helps!
      We recommend for the British school to choose Calpe School or the Aloha Collega, both are very good (though the others on the list are great too!)

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